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GBG Wknd Warrior's Adventures

Randonnée adventure to Chamonix

Alexander Börjesson
16 Feb 2020

Whent to the alps for a week of randonnée skiing in the Chamonix valley together with the UCPA.

Awesome week and super fun to go with the UCPA. Will definitely be more trips with them!

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Adventure to Lofoten

Alexander Börjesson
19 Aug 2019

The second part of this summer's adventure took place on the Lofoten Islands in Norway. Social media has portrayed this place as super beautiful so it was time to see if it really lived up to its reputation. 

Activities we got to do were to go on an Eagle safari, take 3 different hikes and go fishing. 

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Adventure to the highest peak in Sweden - Kebnekaise

Alexander Börjesson
13 Aug 2019

The first part of this summer's adventure was to try to summit Kebnekaise and as company did I have my girlfriend Elin and good friend Marcus. We also got to see a short glimpse of Höga Kusten on our way towards Kebnekaise.

The second part of this summer adventure took place on the Lofoten Islands in Norway which you can read about in the section above.


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Week of skiing in Sweden's best ski resort - Åre

Alexander Börjesson
04 Feb 2019

We had an awsome week trying out Sweden's best ski resort, Åre, where we were treated with good slopes, stunning views, and a nice bar scene. To get to Åre and back did we take the night train which gave ut 8 whole days of skiing and we had plenty of time to explore the ski area. Thanks to Skistars well thought out arrangement was it possible to safely store our luggage on both the arrival and departure day. 

Our apartment was located in Åre Fjällby which is just next to the chairlift VM8. This gave us pretty much ski-in - ski-out possibilities but on the other hand did we have to walk for 10 mins to get to the train station, food store or Åre Torg.

Favorite slopes during our stay were Lundsrappet and Viksvängen.


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Summer adventure in the Swedish and Norwegian Mountains

Alexander Börjesson
11 Aug 2018

Took 2 weeks to explore the Swedish and Norwegian mountains. It started with 5 days in Funäsdalen where we did hiking, boat trip on Funäsdalssjön, guided tour at Myskoxcentrat and climbing to the top of Funäsdalsberget.  

After Funäsdalen did we take a week to road trip through Norway with a quick stop in Röros, 2 days in Gjendesheim where the plan was to hike Besseggen which weather and sickness stopped, 2 days in Bergen and one day to summit Gaustatoppen. 

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MTB Weekend in Trysil and Sälen

Alexander Börjesson
14 Aug 2017

Went on a weekend trip to Trysil and Sälen with 2 buddies. We got one day of MTB-biking in Trysil where we had the time to try their Bike Arena, take a few laps down Magic Moose and take a quick visit to one of the mountain's peaks. The second day was spent riding in Sälens bike park where we took laps down their downhill trails.


Super fun trip but way too short! 

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